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Automobile parts or all of the plastic

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Plastics will replace iron, aluminum and other traditional materials in the production of automotive? With the automobile industry is gradually transformed lighter weight of the automobile, chemical industry and steel production enterprises in order to create a more competitive car parts, inevitably tit for tat. German chemical company Lanxess CEO Axel Heitmann last week in Charlotte, North Carolina to participate in activities, said: "The car manufacturing companies know that the most effective way to reduce fuel consumption is to reduce the weight of the car they also clearly lighter cars are key to the future of electric vehicles. "Heitman said, a number of studies have shown that 10% of the body weight can reduce fuel economy by 3%, and 8% higher allow acceleration . Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. The survey report shows that automotive technology has been used by researchers to reduce the weight of the car, there are three main ways: Replacement chassis; design better assembly process; improved hydraulic molding manufacturing process. However, the report said, auto parts manufacturing materials is the key. According to industry sources, the use of high-tech plastics manufacturing auto parts used car parts now account for 20% of total. They estimated that this proportion may grow at an annual rate of 7% growth. Coolant ducts, battery tube, steering lever and pedals and other auto parts have already started to use lighter weight materials such as polyamides and polyesters.

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