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New method can transform generic super engineering plastics resin

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According to Nikkei BP news agency reported, Kyoto University, Japan announced on February 25, the school Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Research Takashi Uemura's research team developed the molecular main chain of the resin material arranged in the same direction, thereby improving the resin mechanical properties and optical properties of the method. By using this method, can be the characteristics of general-purpose resins such as polystyrene and super engineering plastic raised to a level corresponding to efficiently produce high-performance resin material.

The newly developed method utilizes the crosslinking site into a porous metal complex (PCP) connected between the main chain, the main chain are arranged in the same direction, and then remove the PCP. Mechanical properties of the resin can be realized, excellent optical properties and anisotropy new resin material.

Made by a method using polystyrene as the new main chains crosslinked state, high stability, can not dissolve in common organic solvents fully dissolve polystyrene. In addition, the proportion of 1.04g/cm3 than ordinary polystyrene, reaching 1.13g/cm3, therefore, the use of the new method is expected to substantially increase the strength of polystyrene.

New method can also be used for a variety vinyl resins. In fact, the raw material monomer is methyl methacrylate from styrene replaced after the experiment show that polystyrene can be synthesized with the same arrangement structure of PMMA.

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