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Bayer tells you car near the all-plastic era

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From Bamboo electric concept car , Teijin Kasei using bio plastics and carbon fiber reinforced materials Couch electric vehicles, BASF booth equipped with plastic wheels smart for vision, Mitsubishi's green power electric concept car , SABIC Innovative Plastics sporty QarmaQ cross- utility vehicles, Evonik booth lotus sports car , and the central plaza show concept car designed by the students to the Beijing International Auto show, Great Wall substantial use of polycarbonate material of the " Harvard E" concept car , we do not difficult to see , polycarbonate , polyamide elastomer and reinforced composites and other new materials in automotive applications are showing a flourishing booming trend.

Speaking from the car with polycarbonate

Polycarbonate in automotive applications is the most prominent alternative to glass windows , Bayer, Teijin , SABIC and other world -renowned supplier of polycarbonate in this field has been engaged in a fierce competition.

In 2012 Beijing International Auto Show debut of Great Wall Motors ' Haval E " concept car , the biggest feature is the seven windows components are used Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate high-performance , and is equipped with large panoramic skylight. Use Makrolon polycarbonate instead of glass to weight loss of 50%. Meanwhile, the weight of the car can be reduced to reduce the center of gravity to improve driving performance. It is the first time Chinese carmakers such a large range of applications to reduce vehicle weight polycarbonate glazing .

PU_PAEV is the Teijin Group in 2010, the development of electric vehicle concept car, which uses a variety of materials Teijin Kasei Corporation .

Previously, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport convertible coupe super deluxe transparent panoramic roof also used the material , the thickness of only 5 mm . The car can reach a top speed of 407 km indeed , is the road to allow the fastest supercar driving . Makrolon polycarbonate panoramic sunroof so far has also become the fastest speed of similar products in the species used . Bayer MaterialScience polycarbonate business unit expects automotive engineering design will focus on the development trend of the future development of a transparent body or roof . For example, the car's roof will be the object of design , focusing on large-size panoramic sunroof and roof and tail regions related to three-dimensional design .

Teijin Kasei CHINAPLAS 2012 shows a named CONCH environmentally friendly electric concept car. Teijin Panlite windows using polycarbonate resin material instead of glass , strong impact , is more than 200 times the glass , the glass is only half mild , not because of high heat distortion . Seat use Teijin Biofront high heat resistant materials such as bioplastics , highlighting environmental philosophy . Body using Teijin Group 's carbon fiber Tenax, to achieve lightweight.

Teijin Kasei back in 2010 on the development of another electric concept car - PU_PAEV. In addition to the polycarbonate resin , the Teijin also developed for automotive polycarbonate alloy materials, such as PC + ABS and PC + polyester . PC + ABS has a high heat resistance, and PC + Polyester has good chemical resistance and fatigue resistance , it is the automotive exterior parts such as door handles , decorative , exterior body panels such as the ideal material .

In addition, Teijin developed can be used to isolate thermal radiation polycarbonate windows and sunroof . The thermal insulation material can be molded into a desired membrane shape can not be made . PU_PAEV heat radiation using a polycarbonate of this isolation technology .

In CHINAPLAS 2012 period , SABIC booth will QarmaQ is a modern company with cooperation projects , but also fully demonstrated the plastics used in the automotive manufacturing alternative metal, glass and other traditional materials and thermosetting plastics brings design freedom and practicality . Five years ago this car has been the Geneva Motor Show debut . Due to extensive use of high-tech materials , with the use of traditional materials to build compared to similar vehicles , QarmaQ reduce the weight of 60 kg . For horizontal body panels Xenoy iQ and Valox iQ resin can reduce the weight of each part by 50% and while maintaining considerable strength steel . QarmaQ using Xenoy iQ and Valox iQ resin solves three key environmental issues - saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions , upgrade or re- use and recycling PET plastic bottles. QarmaQ reuse about 900 waste PET bottles. It also can be used completely transparent Lexan polycarbonate glazing instead of traditional glass to achieve weight loss.

From the United States En Tan China Products Group developed the world's first all-plastic structural door hardware modules Super Plug, the product also won the 2011 American Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Innovation Grand Prix Hall of Fame Award . It a SABICXenoy30% glass-filled polycarbonate / polybutylene terephthalate (PC / PBT) resin gas assisted injection molding parts , replacing 40 separate metal parts. Door module concept began Xenoy PC / PBT resin , the resin material has been now widely used in the industry door module manufacturing . Super Plug door modules can reduce costs by 10 percent , so that each door weight 3.3 lbs ( 1.49 kg ) , vehicle weight 13.2 lbs ( 5.94 kg ) , and because the assembly line in the module into the door , simplifying the assembly process.

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