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Appliances with engineering plastics market: foreign play a leading role

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In addition to general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics is one of the materials home appliance parts , although the amount is not , but in some important parts to play a role . However , plastic is clearly not the domestic chemical industry areas of expertise.

Appliances engineering involved many types and grades of special material , due to the high -tech synthetic materials , investment, therefore , subject to funding and technical constraints , the domestic plastic industry is still at a low level , can only provide some varieties general engineering plastics , and most of the appliances with plastic varieties mainly dependent on foreign production or directly imported from abroad. This is the true portrayal of domestic engineering plastics market .

Foreign brands in power, relatively weak domestic manufacturers

Plastics that can be used as structural materials is , in a wide range of temperatures to withstand mechanical stresses , in the more harsh chemical and physical environment of the high polymer material , has good mechanical properties and dimensional stability, as the project structure of plastic. General plastics, including many materials can be used in home domain material is polycarbonate (PC), polyamides ( nylon , PA), polyoxymethylene (POM), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyethylene terephthalate D esters (PBT), ─ styrene acrylonitrile copolymer (AS), poly methyl methacrylate ( acrylic , PMMA) and so on . Which , AS can be used to make refrigerator vegetable tray , electrical switches, small appliances transparent parts. PC because has good toughness , transparency, high and low temperature performance, with self-extinguishing characteristics, are used extensively for hair dryer and other heat-resistant and flame retardant requirements for transparent cover higher production . In addition , PC can be used to switch button, transparent cover , drip tray , heat- retardant shell small appliances and other fields . PA Series is commonly used in home appliances , gears, bearings and sliding parts of the production class . POM has good overall performance in the past mainly for the production of home appliances gears , bushings and sliding -type parts . PBT can be made coil, transformer shell. PPS in the appliance can be used to make elastic parts, such as rice cooker seals.

"For these engineering plastics production , strong technical strength mainly foreign -based ." Chatted about the current situation of engineering plastics industry , the U.S. group purchasing director of the Center Qinshu Yang told reporters , due to a higher technical strength , many foreign manufacturers have to do engineering plastic -based materials because the material was higher than the profits of common materials .

Material Trading in commodities research centers provide data to show that this trend can be applied to home appliances plastic on behalf of AS grades for BASF 368R, Korea LG80HF and 82TR, Ningbo LG80HF, Taiwan's Chi Mei 117L200, Guoheng D178L200. Among them, the price of imported materials in the 18,000 yuan / ton, the price of domestic materials in 15,000 yuan / ton. It is understood that China has become the first international plastics importer , imports annually.

According to the reporter , this feature is more prominent in the field of PC material . Bayer is the world's largest chemical production capacity PC business . Bayer MaterialScience ( China ) Co., a sales engineer told reporters the fact that : "PC technology threshold is very high , there is no domestic production of PC body chemical can even do alloys must also be purchased from abroad PC material ."

Turning to the domestic supply problems in engineering plastics , Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Refrigeration Engineering Technology Research Center Director Li Fei told reporters that in some field of engineering plastics for household appliances , domestic production is inadequate, especially heavily dependent on high-end products imports , meanwhile, the domestic chemical industry although there is some accumulation of technology, but the industry has lagged far behind . Distribution in the enterprise , due to the production of enterprises engaged in basic plastic small enterprises engaged in engineering plastics modification , and this restricts the source of the development of the domestic engineering plastics , engineering plastics industry led to both product performance and price are unable to imported or foreign product competition, price competition into the cycle of low-grade raw materials .

Pricing models are different, there are differences in market conditions

Under the control of the foreign-funded enterprises , household appliances used in the procurement of engineering plastics market model, pricing is different with common plastics .

Celanese Ticona 's engineering focus on doing business, the company's China market development manager, told reporters: " Plastics are generally priced companies themselves , our customers and the normal mode of cooperation is to provide customized solutions , usually prices also depend on the needs of customers agreed , so we prefer to work with a number of powerful customers, they will pay more attention to the material properties , rather than eyes fixed on price .

Meanwhile, different from common materials , engineering plastics market as a whole is currently growing trend . A foreign person in charge of engineering plastics business confided to reporters , said: " In the first quarter , we produce plastic prices have been rising , the overall demand for home appliances market is basically stable , even slight decline also did not affect us, because we do not those who come into contact with small-scale production of low-end products to the buyers . "

Shanghai Science and Technology Development Co., blond technical manager Ye Xiaoguang told reporters, although the overall plastics market is in a state of oversupply , but like PA and other engineering plastics market supply is clearly insufficient to make this part of the product began to catch the market .

In addition, some manufacturers have begun to more high-end products applied engineering plastics. Qingdao Haier Refrigerator Co., New Product Development Department Information Research Minister Huang Yi to reporters , PMMA is used in high-end refrigerator panel, which commonly known as acrylic and Plexiglas material with good light transmission, can do more patterns and artistic treatment , can enhance the aesthetics of the refrigerator . However, this material is poor scratch resistance , if breached this technical difficulties, I believe there will be more applications .

"In a relatively high corrosion resistance and areas like the coastal cities and climate is harsh area , refrigerator hinge prone to rust problems ." Person in charge of corporate purchasing a refrigerator deliberately gave reporters an actual replace steel with plastic case, " we have to supply customers 3,000,000 Cuba fridge, freezer hinge rusting occurred , so the last two years we deliberately environmental requirements in some special engineering plastics POM on products produced in this part ."

Appliances with plastic face of growing market , a number of foreign brands have begun the pace of expansion , the reporter learned that Bayer in China 's PC production capacity is 200,000 tons by 2015 will grow to 50 million tons. Polyplastics Trading ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. Sales Representative Zhumin Yi to reporters , Polyplastics development direction is to insist on increased spending on high-end materials , because the high-end appliance brands will stick with relatively high-end materials .

High performance degradation is the direction and recyclable

With the Chinese home appliance exports increased year by year , the amount of plastic upward trend , the market demands more and more obvious material localization , which is plastic to provide a broad application prospects.

Li Fei told reporters , household electrical appliance enterprises similar idea selection for engineering plastics , functional components to be considered and decisions about material properties functional components , while also considering factors such as the characteristics of components and taboos , when using external conditions , critical conditions , life and use , repair methods , product size and dimensional accuracy , molding process , the production number , the production rate , the cost of raw material sources and economic benefits . Engineering plastics used in fine, easy recovery technology will be a big trend. Plastics industry also benefited from the development of production processes and equipment optimization. For example, some high technological content , good performance, the price is relatively modest injection molding machine types, such as large , sophisticated, special injection molding machine good prospects for the development of engineering plastics industry has played a catalytic role. Microcellular foam injection molding, sandwich molding process, nano-composite materials technology and biodegradable plastics and other new technologies , for engineering plastics functional and increase the added value and reduce costs would be beneficial .

Li Fei believes that with the growing amount of plastic material , how to make the effective waste electrical recycling plastic waste will become an important issue plastics engineering , especially plastics recycling is definitely a hot spot for future development .

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