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Many capital blessing! Degradable plastics into the "fast lane", the next 5 years or more than 30 times the demand

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In the context of the development of carbon and carbon peaks, relevant policies continue to restrict plastic supplies and encourage the development of biodegradable materials. The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standardization Administration issued an announcement stating that the two national recommended standards of "GB/T41010-2021 Biodegradable Plastics and Products and Labeling Requirements" and "GB/T41008-2021 Biodegradable Drinking Straws" will be implemented on June 1, 2022.

Many capital support, biodegradable plastics production capacity expanded sharply.

China is the world's largest plastic producer and consumer, accounting for 15% of the world's plastic consumption. According to Zhuochuang statistics, China's annual apparent consumption of plastics is about 80 million tons, and the apparent consumption of plastic products is about 60 million tons.

With the strengthening of policies and the continuous expansion of the application of degradable plastics, once large-scale substitution is achieved, it will provide a huge market space for degradable plastics.

Huaan Securities predicts that by 2025, the demand for degradable plastics in my country is expected to reach 2.38 million tons, and the market size can reach 47.7 billion yuan. By 2030, the demand for degradable plastics in my country is expected to reach 4.28 million tons, and the market size can reach 85.5 billion yuan.

According to the data released by the GrandViewResearch, in 2019, China's plastic packaging market size of 54.1 billion US dollars, is expected to 2025, China's plastic packaging market size will reach 69.8 billion US dollars, according to the biodegradable plastic replacement rate of 30%, is expected in 2025, China's biodegradable plastic market size of about 20.9 billion US dollars.

At present, there is a large gap in the domestic degradable plastics market, and the total effective capacity of degradable plastics is only about 250000 tons. With the continuous release of demand, the domestic biodegradable plastics market will usher in huge investment opportunities.