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Teflon Parts

Teflon parts are divided into: molded parts with simple shape and low dimensional accuracy made by PTFE resin and PTFE filled modified resin molding method, and molded parts with PTFE substrate and PTFE filled modified substrate, using secondary mechanical processing means to make complex PTFE parts with high dimensional accuracy, which are difficult to complete by molding method.

PTFE film

PTFE film is divided into three categories: non-oriented film, semi-oriented film and oriented film. PTFE film is a product made of PTFE suspension resin by molding and sintering to make blanks, and then turning or turning after calendering and directional stretching process.

PTFE sealed bag (raw material tape)

PTFE sealing tape (raw material tape) is made of PTFE dispersion resin and extrusion aid through paste extrusion, calendering, drying and stretching.

PTFE filled modified products

PTFE filled modified products are made of PTFE suspension resin and a certain amount of modified filler after high-speed mixing and molding by high-temperature sintering. After modification of PTFE, other excellent properties remain unchanged, greatly improving its poor mechanical properties (such as: compressive strength, hardness) and not wear-resistant, easy cold flow performance. Commonly used modified fillers include carbon fiber, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, glass fiber, bronze powder, high molecular polymer, etc.

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