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Reprint: Tell you the current situation and development trend of the plastic industry?

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Nowadays, plastic products are more and more widely used in our lives, and many people have a strong interest in the plastic industry, but they do not have a deep understanding of this industry. The following is a brief introduction to the development trend of the plastic industry and the current situation of the industry.

Development trend of 1. plastic products industry

1. The domestic plastic products industry market full competition and dislocation development coexist

The downstream field of plastic parts is wide, and the specific requirements are also different. Different plastic parts products have different requirements for the R & D capability, technology, production process and management level of production enterprises.

2. Domestic plastic products industry product upgrading and industrial transfer coexist

The eastern and southern coastal industrial clusters of the domestic plastic products industry have entered the development stage of technology-driven, quality-based, and product upgrading. In the future, they will mainly assume the responsibility of technological innovation and leading industrial upgrading; the central and western regions have comparative cost advantages, and the domestic plastic products The production of the industry gradually shifts to the central and western regions is inevitable. In recent years, the average growth rate of the output of the plastic products industry in the central and western regions has been higher than that in the eastern coastal regions, however, the industrial transfer of the industry still needs to go through a long stage.

3. The domestic plastic products industry is facing future development opportunities

In recent years, with the further breakthrough in the research of plastic materials, the material performance of modified engineering plastics is becoming more and more excellent, and the application field of plastic parts is constantly expanding, and it has begun to extend to the fields of aerospace, new energy, advanced manufacturing and new processing technology, and has a very broad market development space. At the same time, the plastic products industry has gradually achieved cross-integration in emerging industries such as smart home equipment and Internet of Things equipment. In the future, the continuous extension of downstream applications in the plastic products industry will further promote the continuous development of new products by upstream companies to adapt to market development, and thus promote the industry to usher in greater development opportunities.

4. The domestic plastic parts industry is facing future development opportunities

With the development of engineering plastics, the development of high-strength and lightweight new materials, and the progress of advanced forming equipment and technology, plastic parts have been widely used in construction and real estate, packaging industry, automobiles, household appliances, consumer electronics, medical equipment and other industrial fields. Plastic parts have a wide range of applications and wide product coverage, which is convenient for industrial production. The industrial development is in line with the development trend of lightweight, recyclable and other technologies and the guidance of green environmental protection policies. The future market demand space has huge potential.

5. The domestic plastic gear industry is facing the opportunity of leapfrog development

With the rapid rise of domestic smart home equipment, Internet of Things equipment and other emerging industries, the Chinese market has become a major consumer in the world, and the domestic plastic gear industry is facing opportunities for leapfrog development. In the future, in the process of becoming stronger, the plastic gear industry will rely more on independent innovation, integrated innovation and the overall improvement of the industrial base level to support the sustainable development of the industry. 2. the current situation of China's plastics industry

1. Plastics are widely used. Plastics have rich sources of raw materials, low cost, easy molding and processing, high productivity, light component weight, high specific strength, wear resistance, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, noise reduction and shock absorption Good performance and many other advantages. Widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, automobiles, building materials, home appliances, electronic and electrical, packaging, medical and other fields.

2. The use of plastics is regulated. In January this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution", proposing that local market supervision departments should carry out quality supervision and inspection of plastic products, and investigate and deal with the production and sale of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm and polyethylene agricultural mulch film with a thickness of less than 0.01mm.

In recent years, China's plastic products industry has maintained steady growth, but there has been a significant decline in 2018. This is also related to the introduction of domestic industry policies to a certain extent, such as strict environmental protection inspections. Since 2017, small downstream factories and non-compliant enterprises have been banned and shut down. In addition, the government's restrictions on the use of plastic products have also restricted the increase in the production of plastic products.

Plastic companies gather in coastal areas.

China's plastics processing industry is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading.